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Blockchain 2.0 is widely known in the finance world and the next generation Blockchain which will take the world by storm is Blockchain 3.0.

Blockchain 2.0 made it first breakout in the financial sector, where Blockchain 3.0 is the next generation version where the application of it can be for various utilization. We will create the mechanism to broaden the scope of possibilities for Blockchain 3.0 by developing the next generation block chain.

Problems of non-distributed application.

Falsification of data

Preventing data tampering with current conventional methodology is challenging.

Data handling and management

In a centralized applications, administrators have the authority to manipulate and use data. They even have the authority to alter personal data.

We will solve these problems by developing the next-generation robot advisors platform.

Robo advisor was born in 2008 around the previous economic shock and has a shallow level of penetration for application of about 10 year so far.

Robo advisor are currently a system which is mainly implemented by the financial industry, however we understand that when sync with blockchain technology there will be a dramatic evolution. Which will give birth to a whole new era of epoch making application that has a wide coverage of application.

The problem we will solve are such as non-distributed applications through the development of next generation robo advisor application platform (RAAP, development code: The Bombe).

Next Generation Application Platform System.

The application platform, adopts a four layer structure of block chain layer, base function layer, IDE layer, and application layer.

Block chain layer

In this layer, it is possible to store personal data by secrecy of the side chain.

Base function layer

We will develop functions which we gained through management of exchanges available for free of charge.

IDE layer

It is an integrated platform for building applications.

Application layer

All applications are selectively available for the same individual big data and can seamlessly cross applications.

Application example realized by RAAP.


The possibility to have a truly matched proposal by using various personal data such as personal beliefs, tastes, physique etc, rather than an overall statistical advisory.


Distributed technology that allows seamless use of big data among applications in fields that span various fields such as logistics can be tracked at the world level which leading to improved corporate reliability.


It is not just an application that provides nutrients for each menu. It can deliver your personal information, diet history and preference in form of big data information. Based on the information provided an unbiased recommendation is offer by the robo advisor which has considered the daily nutritional value and suggest meals of the day.


Even for volatile currencies, it is effective for robo advisors to accurately calculate the risk tolerance that individuals can take, and to match huge amounts of chart information.

We possess the knowledge of block chain technology cultivated through exchanges management.

We possess the knowledge to develop next-generation block chains through the operation of TOPFORCE's trading exchanges. The next-generation blockchain, Blockchain 3.0, will be used as the base of a decentralized exchange beyond the cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure which is Blockchain 2.0. This is definitely DEX in a narrow sense and the exchange is not just a substitute for finance, with the possibility to exchange values independently from conventional currency. This possibility is extremely powerful and unrestricted.

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